Monday, October 12, 2020

Inferno Runners Running Club

Who we are A running group based in Eastern St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Led by coach John Walsh (

New members are always welcome.

We have a try a workout before paying policy to ensure that participants are satisfied.

The Next Running Group Starts Wednesday September 2 , 2020 and is a Wednesday evenings at 5:30 to 6:30 PM PLUS Saturday Morning Bagel Run group.

The weekday workouts are 6K in total distance and 60 minutes in duration. The Saturday morning run is for 60 minutes and ends at a coffee shop for treats.

Please email coach John Walsh at with any questions.

John Walsh has been a runner, cyclist and swimmer for over 15 years. He has completed and competed in many Tely 10s, 5 K's, 10 K's, marathons, ultra marathons and triathlons.

He has been coaching athletes to improvement in fitness and self confidence in a fun and rewarding way for 7 years.
Races we organize

The Solo Run 5K
The Run with Mom 5K
The Solo Ride
The Dash with Dad 5K
The Shamrock Run 5K (in March)
The Wine Run 4K (in May)
The Chocolate Run 5K (in September)
The Pizza Dash 4.5K (in October)
The Hibernation Run 4K (in November)

Click Here for a Sample Week Training Plan

Complete List of Training Groups Offered


-- Welcome Summer Wednesday group (AM and PM sessions) 4 weeks. (July 2020)


--Shamrock Run 5K group (February and March)

--Flat-out 5K and Mundy Pond 5K group (April and May)

--Hypothermic Half Clinic

--Tely 10 (11 Week Clinic)
(AM and PM Options)

--Huffin Puffin Relay (10K) and Half Marathon Group (8 weeks)
(AM and PM Options

--Cape to Cabot / Turkey tea 10K group

--Fall 5K Clinic

Races We Organize

The Shamrock Run 5K (in March)
The Wine Run 4K (in May)
The Chocolate Run 5K (in September) and
The Pizza Dash 4.5K (in October)
The Hibernation Run 4K (in November)

Train with a FUN group on the trails and roads of East End St.John's.

What are the group workouts like?

-Start with a warmup

-Plyometrics(active stretching)

-Goal workout (varies week to week)

-Runner specific core strengthening exercises

-Cooldown run back to our meeting location

-Stretching and Yoga poses

How do we stay together as a group while challenging runners with different paces?

Efforts are self paced so that those who are faster go farther but everyone gets adequate recovery.
During the recovery between efforts in a workout we regroup and the workouts I lead use locations that are designed to allow the group to come back together so no one is left behind.
On the long run we double back to come back together as a group as needed when the group spreads out. This keeps us together and gets those with a faster pace a bit of extra distance.

Try before committing and paying registration.

Please come out for the first group run in a training group if you are unsure as to whether we are a good fit for you.

What are the extras over other training groups in Eastern St. John's?

-Individualized feedback on running form

-Reasonable Price

-Try before you buy

-Weekly emails on the training plan if you can't make the group

-Variety in training methods. Not just run run run.

-Weekly email of running related information, research and training tips.

-Coffee and Tea. Need I say anymore????

Other questions:

Please email